The Carrara Difference


Carrara Cost Segregation provides Engineering based Cost Segregation Studies.  Carrara Cost Segregation has completed numerous Cost Segregation Studies.  These studies have been performed on buildings as small as $500,000 to multiple building projects as large as $100 million.  We provide clients with the most accurate cost segregation results so that the building own can realize the maximum allowable savings and increased cash flow.


Carrara Cost Segregation Studies are performed using a detailed engineering approach that meet or exceed the IRS Cost Segregation Audit Techniques Guide and the IRS Tangible Property Reg Audit Technique Guide.  Carrara Cost Segregation stays current on all the IRS cost segregation rules and regulations.

Highly Qualified

Carrara Cost Segregation Engineers have extensive experience in construction, cost estimating, and valuation. The methodologies used rely on fully documented techniques that comply with IRS procedures.


In the unlikely event of an IRS inquiry or audit, Carrara Cost Segregation will defend its work at no cost with an excellent track record of “no change” audits.

Carrara Cost Segregation

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